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WAV Files

007 Theme 73,848
"Whos But ... to get me a beer 46,412
Alf "We should do something more stimulating !" 45,418
3 blind mice theme 39,499
Caddy Shack "It's In the hole! 9K
Caddy Shack "Hay everybody we're going to get laid ! 23K
Cheech & Chong "You mean we're smoking ..." 30K
Daffy Duck 63K
Die Hard "Yippy KY A Mother ..." 18K
Dedodedo 99,376
Donkey 26,120
Toilet flushing 60,038
Frog 12,536
Godzila 40K
"I m going to be a mother... hustler .." 39,542
Judge Dred sets his gun on auto 67,920
Judge Dred "Drop your weapons " 29,868
Judge Dred "... and prepare to be judge" 58,188
Judge Dred "I am the law" 16,428
Judge Dred "Mr I am the law" 20,588
Judge Dred "I knew you'd say that." 19,292
Sam Kinison "OH OHH" 26,353
Phone ringing 30,670
Robo Cop "You have 20 seconds to reply" 22,676
"Spam me so horney" 175,626
Wake UP !!!!! 41,590
Anti Barney song 16.5K
Arnold I'll be back 21K
B5 Kosh "and so it begins" 50K
Eeyores birthday 175K
bone wah 43K
Gump "stupid is as stupid does" 18K
Hommer Simpson 40K

3rd rock from the sun 327K
3rd rock from the sun 272K

Star Wars

Darth Vader "If you only knew the power of the dark side. 83K
Vader "... your not a jedi yet" 296K

Bevis & Butthead

Bevis & Buthead "assmunch" 6.4K
Bevis & Buthead "sluts" 26K
Bevis & Buthead "Butt munch" 16K
Bevis & Buthead "..candy ass" 34K

Brave Heart

Brave Heart epilogue 242K
"FREEDOM !!" 101K
"The Lord tells me ... but he's pretty sure your fooked"

Dumb & Dumber

Want to hear the most anoying sound? 60K
Got to got to the Bathroom? 170K
Look at the funbags on that... 96K
Nice set of Hooters... 15K
We successfuly mated a... 85K
I desperatly want to make Love to... 30K
I expected the rocky mountains to be... 95K

Happy Gilmore

Send the ball 'home' 203K
Happy Bleeping 110K
Where were you on that one ?? 15.5K
Happy beats the crap out of a clown 202K
"You eat shit ..." 123K

Tommy Boy

Tommy boy yelling at kids 141K
After Tommy boy The girl yelling at kids 93K
Tommy as a kid saying "holy shnikies" 15K
Tommy saying "Holy Shnikies" in a normal voice 27K
Tommy Yelling "Holy Shnikies!" 20K
Tommy talking into a fan 78K

Black Sheep

I have pudding in my pants 81K
I have dibs on top bunk 52K
Please Pop the Hood 59K
Get Off my Bumper 17K
Hello Washington YAHHH 64K
Smoken, Drinken, ect... 57K
Kill Whitey 20K
Suckers take the walk 20K

Battle Star Galatica Cylon warrior

Cylon warrior "The information is not complete" 31K
Cylon warrior "By your command" 17K
Cylon warrior "Oh Oh" 9K
Cylon warrior "Exterminate !" 15K
Cylon warrior "Attention !" 6.5K
Cylon warrior "It is done ..." 26K

Animal Sounds

Chickens 7.5K
Stereo Barking Dogs 500K
Donkey 26K
Frogs 13K
Pigs 83K
Godzila 40K
Little Godzila 22K
Theirs ... Under Dog is here 102K

Water Sounds

Rain 66K
Running water 30K
Thunder 258K

The Newest Section MIDI!

RUSH Closer to the Heart 15K
The Crow 32K
Cheers Theme 5K
DRWHO Theme 16K
Gilliagans Island Theme 17K
Mash Theme 3K
The Peanuts Theme 21K
The Startrek Theme 18K
A Ledzeplin Song 47K
This one is A trivia one let us know if you know what it is? 8K

This months special is the theme song from The Tick.

The Tick 660K

Is there any special sound or graphic file you would like to see added to this page ??

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Windows Bit Maps

NOTE: BMP files have been ziped to aid in downloading

Stone Henge 400k
A Wizard & a Dragon 30k
Death Stalker on horse back 110K
The Shadow Symbol 100K

Gif Files

Timothy Dalton Living Daylights 34,816
Old style train 231,389
Four Devils 62,464 "
A girl and planets 94,819
Storm Troopers 339,627
Balloon race 42,624
Batman logo 9,113
The Bat mobile 20,678
A Wizard & a Dragon 17,408
A woman and her dog ? 13,541
Nice girl 50,710
Airplane at EAA Oshkosh 91,197
Airplane at EAA Oshkosh 77,893
Airplane at EAA Oshkosh 68,023
Airplane at EAA Oshkosh 92,902
Airplane at EAA Oshkosh 83,795
Airplane at EAA Oshkosh 83,560
Airplane at EAA Oshkosh 61,044
Airplane at EAA Oshkosh 67,794
Airplane at EAA Oshkosh 81,182
Figaro 44 ,032
Frog on a limb 22,062
Han Solo 6,782
Airplane at EAA Oshkosh 144,457
Star ship Enterprise 7,168
Roger Rabbit 32,768
Star Trek Spock and Kirk 20,598
Star Trek "Q" 101,924

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