ferocious teeth and flashing light
eerie sound and ebony sights
arsenic aroma and archaic flight
retched bowls and ravished life.


GET A GRIP gargoyles of death sit on my window even now you drive away tearing at my flesh sucking my soul another argument we had just like yesterday gnawing on my heart as it still beats repentant I am but it doesn't matter into death I slip oh how sweet please come back i whisper it will be better THANATOS

LIVE life sucks but that's ok in the end you`ll be dead anyway vicious jokes fate can play that's no doubt even if life sucks you should live it out THANATOS

WORDS Wondrous examples of personal thought Opens one mouth and out they walk Razors to the soul damage they have wrought Deliverance from their pain is all that is sought Sensitivity to ones feelings is what should be taught. THANATOS

STOP THE HATE NOW stop the anger stop the pain tell me how its worth it again open your mouth and I`ll put a fist in it put out your hand for help and I`ll piss in it there's a man of a different color hit him with a base ball bat and barry him with his mother equality sucks its made for pussies heres a fag he acts like a wossy and heres a woman who wants equal rights the bitch would be home making babies if she was my wife even now our country letting mongs in nothing do they do but get pregnant again and again oh how Id like to blow them all away world be a better place Id have to say THANATOS

SUMMER Savor the moments in your lives Uncertain of the movement of the tides Moment by glorious moment live each day Make it worth your being worth your stay Ever thinking ever feeling ever sharing love Reciprocating that which flows from above THANATOS

TREE Tropical paradise empty and dry Reveling in dust all have died Evergreens no more plants are all gone Either for air results of what we've sown THANATOS

MAYBE Maybe I should put a gun to my head. Maybe I would just rather be dead. Maybe I should cut my veins. Maybe Its a passing phase. Maybe I should take on a truck. Maybe Its just dumb luck. Maybe I should take a nap. Maybe I should just laugh. Maybe I should just cry ..... THANATOS


The Twins. From the slumbers of Morpheus So the dreams came, As numerous as the sands of the sea. Hypnus binds us to him with the darkness, His eyes are closed and thrown across his shoulders is the arm of his brother. Thanatos. Why is your torch now extinguished ? Will you put out all our lights ? Lost forever in this black labirynth, To be the shadows of things half forgotten. Sightless, senseless can you remember the colour of the poppies that led you to this? Now you are lost to some far Hades. Why did you choose to go there? You leave such sadness in your wake. I am in the arms of Hypnus still, Merciful sleep. But you plunged into the longest narcosis, Death. Nothing will bring you back. Thanatos extinguished your burning light. Rapunzel

The feeling I feel for you I simply can not hide, so I wish that I could only show you how I may benefit your body! P. Welborn

The End I am full of agoney,I need the End to set me free.Well so I thought,well so it seemed,Happiness was only a dream. For the End I was waiting,wanting, needing,anticipating.A hole in my heart,much too deep to mend,I needed someone with love to lend. Then she,my love,much braver than me,came to set my spirit free,She was the End to my misery. Hypnos. Dedicated to April,the one I love.

I am dark and lonely I wonder why I hear crys in the night I see myself making them I want to be alone I am dark and lonely Hypnos

The Day Today is the day, the day I must die, I cant take no more My life is 2 hard core, As my soul lives on, my body gone I cant think straight, I dunno what I did wrong To make the man I love go away, Makes my heart decays To think of him makes me cry, I dunno if I either wanna live or die Its hard to decide why I feel this way Why did the man I love go away....... -Circe

Maze Life is like a maze, never ending haze, when you think you see the end, you know now its just began, I walk without sight, I fell without touch, I am lonly, I am empty, I am dead, Kane

Beaken Sometimes I like to sit and think, What do I think about? I dunno, do you? Sometimes I think about life, then why should't I think about death? I dunno, do you? Sometimes I wonder about my worth, Do I matter,Do I care? I dunno, do you? Sometimes I think about my heart, Is it empty? I dunno, do you? Sometimes I wonder if any of these questions will be answered? I dunno, do you?

IAM Iam depressed and crazy I hear noises that aren't really there I see what happens in the future I wonder how a killers' mind works I want to die Iam depressed and crazy I pretend to hear what I actually never heard I feel stupid I touch his hand I worry about myself I cry when I think of the past Iam depressed and crazy I don't understand life I say "I love u" when I don't mean it I dream of dying I hope I go to heaven and not hell, God forgive my sins Iam depressed and crazy -Circe

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